We take flush toilet for granted most of the time, we forget that a hundred years ago it was considered a mechanical miracle and only wealthy people can afford it. Toilets tend to break down at the most inconvenient times and usually the flushing mechanism is the main reason. Toilet repair is simple and can be done easily by homeowners, but on occasion, you might need to call professionals to properly fix problems. Here are some common toilet problems people generally ask Denham’s Plumbing and Drain Service to fix.

First, the flush is not working at all, which can be caused by simple mechanical trouble such as empty tank or disconnected chain of the handle and the flapper. Next, the bowl doesn’t empty, which is the result of low water pressure causing the tank to only fill partially. Another one is slow flushing, caused by the buildup of dirt and mineral under the rim of the toilet, blocking the flow of water into the bowl. And there’s also the continuous flushing, which can be the result of a water leak or incorrect positioning of the flapper.

Other than toilet problems, Denham’s Plumbing and Drain Service also fixes clogged drains, dripping faucets, leaky joints and cracked pipes. Although some problems are easy to repair by homeowners, they don’t want to risk making the problems bigger by not asking professional help. This is good especially if they don’t have any clue on how to fix even simple problems.

If you ever need assistance with any plumbing issues, contact Denham’s Plumbing and Drain Service for a consultation and to schedule an appointment.